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Anant Ambani Pre-Wedding Memes On Social Media

The memes market buzzing over the internet during the Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant pre-wedding season.

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities took place in Jamnagar from 1 March to 3 March with guests attending the festivities from all over the world. Popstar Rihanna performed on the 1t day of the pre-wedding glam of the Anant Ambani to grace the function.

People on social media shared various hilarious memes inspired by the event that will take place for three days.

Vineeth k on twitter tweeted

Even rich people have the same conversation as the middle class, just at a different price point.

Mayurrrr on Twitter posted

Dandiya in the month of March; only Gujrati people can make you play this…

Sidd only Twitter posted

Can anyone ascertain as to how many bags of #Free5kg rations are hanging in the form of necklaces here? Here he showcased the weight of the necklace Nita Amabani is wearing for the pre-wedding festivities.

Here are more memes tweeted on X.

A person tweeted:
Celebrity: I need a Vanity Van, a car to travel, and one bus for my crew members.
Amabani’s: Ek bus hi, chalna hai to bataao.

Abhishek on Twitter posted his imagination

Imagination about the Jamnagar airport during the pre-wedding functions of Anant Ambani’s Wedding with celebrities or various renowned people visiting from different parts of the world.

A page on Instagram (mensxpofficial) made a meme

Ranbir Kapoor that he always walks away from the wedding festivities and says RK and his obsession with walking away from weddings.

mensxpofficial an Instagram page showcased

A viral clip from the Ambani’s wedding festivities where Bollywood actor sisters Khushi Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor were spotted walking together. As the cameraman captured, other attendees were seen staring at the actors, reminiscent of the curious looks often exchanged by neighbours in a neighbourhood, the page referred to it as “mohalle ki aunties”.

Another meme page covered the attitude of the celebrity child during the festivities of Ambani’s wedding.

The child is dominating the internet with meme-worthy content. Watch the meme to find out who this kid is.

A photo that went viral is being showcased by mensxpofficial.

A photo from the pre-wedding festivities went viral and people trolled by looking at this image. That gets you women who look at you like @badgalriri looks at @iamsrk.

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