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Meet Devin AI Software Engineer: Key Components, Capabilities, How To Get Access In 2024?

Devin AI Software Engineer

Oh my Gosh!! All my software engineers have you heard about the “Devin AI Software Engineer”. This AI Software works like a replacement for humans, it can write code, it can develop websites, it can strategis things, It can consider the requirements of the client, it can do everything that 20+ years of experience full … Read more

CEO Sundar Pichai views on Gemini AI Woke Issue

CEO Sundar Pichai

In a response to the Gemini controversy about Google’s AI chatbot, CEO Sundar Pichai recognized the error and committed himself to faster response. The emphasis which was placed by Pichai on the offensiveness and bias of responses generated by Gemini revealed the company’s shortcoming in this respect. Furthermore, he informed employees that measures were being … Read more