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GenZ Dumping Google For TikTok, Instagram As Social Search Wins

GenZ Dumping Google

The Shift in Search Behavior of GenZ In a remarkable shift in online behavior, Generation Z (GenZ) is increasingly turning away from traditional search engines like Google and opting for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram as their primary sources for information and discovery. This trend, known as “social search,” is reshaping the way … Read more

Google March 2024 Core Update and New Spam Policies Explanation

Google's March Update 2024

Google made another major update in March 2024 to ensure that it continuously delivers the best possible search experience for users. The core update and fresh guidelines on spamming were aimed at improving the quality, relevance and fighting deceptive content practices in search results. Introduction to Google’s Core Updates Regular Google algorithm updates are vital … Read more

European Commission Launches Investigation into Microsoft Security Software Business Practices

European Commission Microsoft Launch

Nowadays, the European Union is investigating if Microsoft prevents customers from relying on other software for security reasons, according to a document that regulators sent to at least one rival in January, seen by Reuters. The problems that the European Union has investigated have been complained about by many companies over the years regarding Microsoft’s … Read more