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European Commission Launches Investigation into Microsoft Security Software Business Practices

Nowadays, the European Union is investigating if Microsoft prevents customers from relying on other software for security reasons, according to a document that regulators sent to at least one rival in January, seen by Reuters.

The problems that the European Union has investigated have been complained about by many companies over the years regarding Microsoft’s bundling services and its cloud-computing practices. Microsoft has said it has worked to address rivals’ concerns.

The European Union, which has been considered as the EU’s competition watchdog, is investigating Microsoft’s Entra ID Software, previously known as Azure Active Directory. 

With the help of the software companies can control the login in their cloud based apps. Based on the document seen by Reuters, regulators have sought to understand among other questions, if the customers of Microsoft are able to use only rival software to authenticate, or if they must also use Entra ID. 

“There are many complaints registered with the European Union, regarding Microsoft, including in relation to its product Azure, that are being assessed by the Union based on their standard procedure.” a spokesperson for the agency said in an email statement.

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