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How does Gardening make people happier?

Although seldom considered, gardening is an efficient way to improve both physical and mental health. Diverse gardening activities, such as digging, lifting, pruning and weeding the garden are good exercises. Apart from physical benefits, research shows that gardening also improves psychological well-being.

In Japan this new thing “forest bathing” has come in vogue due to its capability of refreshing the mind and increasing concentration just by being around nature. The mindfulness and attention benefits associated with gardening are similar. For instance, weeding requires a very high degree of attentiveness that enhances one’s concentration through gazing on minute details.

There’s something to be said for getting your hands dirty too. According to scientists, soil mycobacterium improves mood as well as brain functioning by raising serotonin levels referred to as the “happy hormone”. However moderation is crucial because mycobacteria also cause infections.

It helps build emotional attachment and responsibility beyond oneself which when taking care of plants becomes satisfying work with a purpose. It is truly satisfying watching plants growing from seedlings into adult plants. Furthermore these products give free food!

Container gardens are ideal for balconies, patios or indoor window sills in cases where backyards are not available – make sure you direct planters towards plenty of sunlight though. In northern climates aim south; in southern zones face north.

Although gardening cannot be a substitute for mental health care, it is a way of escape from issues such as anxiety or ADHD through activities that are of use and generate positive emotions. If one is distressed, there are additional resources that give support.

Ultimately, gardening has been proven by science to have several physical and psychological benefits including attention span, serotonin production and ingenuity. Get down in the dirt and let nature feed your mind and body.

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