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8 Effective Newborn Baby Care Tips that New Parents Must Know

There are many tips which new parents have to keep in mind for a good care of their newborn. 8 Effective Newborn Baby Care tips given below:


The most important thing is to feed your baby on time. A newborn has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.


Your baby needs to be burped, once she is fed. Gently hold her against your chest with one hand.

Baby’s chin must rest on your shoulder. Pat or stroke your baby’s back very gently with your other hand until she burps.

How to hold your newborn

During the newborn phase baby’s are unable to handle their neck so, It is very important to ensure that you are supporting the baby’s head and neck with one hand while holding her.

Umbilical Cord Stump Care

Keep your baby’s navel area clean and dry. Keep her diaper folded down so that the stump can dry.

Before handling the navel area, disinfect your hands. To clean, use a moist cloth and dry with a clean, absorbent cloth. 


Change your baby’s diaper frequently as soon as it feels full. 

You will need various things to change the dirty diaper such as a gentle diaper wipes, changing sheet, diaper rash cream or baby powder and fresh diapers.


You should start bathing your baby two to three times in a week after the cord stump dries and falls off.

Use soap gently. Clean your baby’s scalp, genitals, face, hair, neck, and any dry mucous that has collected around the nose with the washcloth.

Rinse your baby’s body with lukewarm water. Once this is done, dry her body with a soft towel, apply lotion and put on a fresh diaper and baby clothes.


Spread a small quantity of baby oil or lotion on your hands. Next, gently or rhythmically stroke your baby’s body.

Maintain eye contact with her and talk to her when massaging her body. A good time to massage your baby is before her bath.

Handling your newborn

Never shake your baby as her internal organs are delicate and can be damaged by vigorous shaking.

Do not throw your baby up into the air, as this can be dangerous.

Always disinfect or wash your hands before handling your baby, as her immune system is not fully developed, and she may be vulnerable to infections. 

As a new parent, you should seek help from family or friends so that you can rest and take care of yourself too.

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