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Russia and Belarus Player Ban to Take Part in Olympic 2024 Opening Ceremony

Do you know about the exciting news related to the Olympic Ceremony in 2024? Everyone in the world is talking about this big news related to Russia and  Belarus. Let me take a moment to reveal it, this year athletes from Russia and Belarus won’t be part of the opening ceremony. Why? It’s all because of the trouble between Russia and Ukraine. This decision has made waves in the sports world and beyond.

Why Russia and Belarus Athletes Can’t Join the Opening Ceremony

The answer for this question is very straightforward, the International Olympic Committee has made the final decision to keep Russian and Belarusian athletes out of the opening ceremony for the 2024 Olympics. They’re doing this because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But there is a twist in this news, athletes from these countries can still compete in the olympics but they have to compete on behalf of the neutral flag. 

What’s the Big Deal?

The Decision made by the Olympic committee is a big deal as it represents how politics are mixed into every aspect of our lives. The Olympics is about bringing people together, but this time, it’s also about taking a stand. It’s not just about the athletes; it’s about sending a message.

How Are People Reacting?

People are showing mixed feelings for this decision.  Some people think it’s the right move, while others feel sports should be separate from political issues. Russia and Belarus aren’t happy, saying it’s unfair to their athletes who’ve trained hard to be there.

Leaving Russia

Russian athletes who want to participate in the Olympics games 2024 can take part in the tournament but they have to compete on behalf of the other country and seek permission from the International Olympic Committee. 

Swimmer Anastasiia Kirpichnikova, this player is the two-time European Silver Medalist in distance freestyle events, is eligible to represent France at the Olympics, and Greco-Roman wrestler Aleksandr Komarov can compete for Serbia. He won the European championship this year.

People Are Asking About The Russia and Belarus Player Ban

Why Can’t Russia And Belarus Athletes Join The Opening Ceremony?

Athletes from Russia and Belarus are set out of the olympics 2024, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the IOC wants to take a stand.

Can Russia And Belarus Athletes Still Compete?

Yes, there is an option provided by the IOC, that Russian and Belarusian athletes can compete in the olympics on behalf of the neutral flag. 

Have Other Countries Been Banned Before?

Yes, there have been bans in the past, like South Africa during apartheid, showing the Olympics sometimes mixes sports with politics.

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