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Japan Becomes an Affordable Study Destination for Indian Students

Recently, it has been seen that most of the Indian students are interested in studying abroad. Some of them are unable to adhere to their dreams because of the financial constraints.

Here is some good news for the people who can’t afford to study in the most popular destinations like the US, UK, and Australia.

So, if you have planned your study destinations to be in Japan then I have an exciting update for you. Japan, a land of Rising Sun, might become more accessible to the Indian students.

The cost of studying in Japan won’t affect your bank balance as other popular studying destinations like London, US. In Japan the tuition fees for undergrad students is very minimal:
National universities cost around 6 lakh per annum
Public universities cost sound 7 lakh per annum
Private universities cost around 8-12 lakh per annum depending on the university.

You don’t even need to worry about the living cost in Japan as they offer stable scholarship systems in tuition exemption and reduction programs. The average monthly cost of sustaining in japan cost around 63,000 rupees. It may vary based on the location where you are living. Meanwhile, the Japanese ambassador to India Hiroshi F Suzuki invited Indian students to Japan to work and study.

He even quoted a message for the indian people “I have one message for the indian people please go to japan to study and work if you are a student it’s so easy to get a Visa all you have to do is present your student ID I’m encouraging young Indian people to go to japan to get skill training and job opportunities”.

Japan provides a part time opportunity for the Indian students. Now they can work up to 28 hours in a week. However, there are still a few restrictions to keep in mind: Indians are not allowed to work in high paying jobs or exceed a certain monthly income.

Moreover, some renowned universities are coming in japan, but 77% of the japan universities are private like Tokyo Kyoto University an Osaka University are well known japanese universities.

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