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Whatsapp Introduces New Feature to Search old Messages by Date

Whatsapp has now made the process of searching old messages more simple. Now you can find old messages on whatsapp by searching for a specific date, available on any platform be it phones or laptops.

Searching for old messages on whatsapp has now become easier with Meta. With the latest update on whatsapp, users can now search for media or messages by choosing the date. This allows users to look for a message without scrolling the whole chat.   

Steps to Find a particular message from a specific date:

To search for a particular message from a  specific date, access the group or chat, first click on the name, and select the search option. On the Android devices, there is an icon named Calendar in the upper right corner, while on an iPhone, it can be found in the lower right corner.  

Just click on the calendar icon, then select the day of your choice, to access messages from a specific date on WhatsApp. You will be taken directly to these messages by WhatsApp automatically. This makes it easier for long-term users of this platform since they can browse through previous conversations easily.

WhatsApp has had numerous updates in the past several months. These have included a range of text formatting options like bold, italics strikethrough, monospace and others. Another thing is that WhatsApp now includes more safety features which promote a better user experience. However, this does not apply to Android users of Whatsapp who should know that Google Drive no longer provides free storage space for chat backups as they now count toward the space limit on Whatsapp.

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