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Correction Policy

Correction Policy


Mistakes can happen in every field by any person, especially in the field of journalism even after a due diligence procedure mistakes can even be made. At News Paper Today we try to rectify and acknowledge the mistakes when they come to our notice.

Now, News Paper Today fact-checks all the news before uploading and corrects errors as quickly as possible with a high level of transparency. It depends on the correction, and how much time it will take for the rectifications. If the error is straightforward, we will try to solve it within 24 hours, and if the correction requires further investigation or the opinion of the people it takes around 72 hours to rectify the mistake. Feedback from the readers is very valuable to us and can be posted at the end of every story or news. Errors or corrections requests can also be sent to

News Paper Today has its presence on various social media platforms, you can even request corrections on the social media platforms moreover, we welcome criticism from our readers.

If a major mistake is encountered by any reader that may modify the rating of a News Paper Today, it is marked on the top of the correction list, and we indicate the change, with a comment about why this modification is necessary. With this you can maintain transparency between the modifications and the proper history of the changes is also maintained.

If there are any changes encountered after the story is published like new facts come to light, but it does not affect the rating it is marked as “Update” at the end of the story. Some mistakes are being neglected by the editors like spelling errors, typographical errors, grammatical errors, or minor changes.