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GenZ Dumping Google For TikTok, Instagram As Social Search Wins

GenZ Dumping Google

The Shift in Search Behavior of GenZ In a remarkable shift in online behavior, Generation Z (GenZ) is increasingly turning away from traditional search engines like Google and opting for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram as their primary sources for information and discovery. This trend, known as “social search,” is reshaping the way … Read more

Meet Devin AI Software Engineer: Key Components, Capabilities, How To Get Access In 2024?

Devin AI Software Engineer

Oh my Gosh!! All my software engineers have you heard about the “Devin AI Software Engineer”. This AI Software works like a replacement for humans, it can write code, it can develop websites, it can strategis things, It can consider the requirements of the client, it can do everything that 20+ years of experience full … Read more

Top Review: HP LaserJet Pro Printer

HP Laser JetPro

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance printer for your office, the HP LaserJet Pro lineup should be at the top of your list. I recently got the HP LaserJet Pro M404dw, and I’m extremely impressed with its capabilities and performance. Build Quality and Design The first thing that impressed me about the LaserJet Pro … Read more

Google March 2024 Core Update and New Spam Policies Explanation

Google's March Update 2024

Google made another major update in March 2024 to ensure that it continuously delivers the best possible search experience for users. The core update and fresh guidelines on spamming were aimed at improving the quality, relevance and fighting deceptive content practices in search results. Introduction to Google’s Core Updates Regular Google algorithm updates are vital … Read more

Japan Becomes an Affordable Study Destination for Indian Students

Japan Becomes Study Destination

Recently, it has been seen that most of the Indian students are interested in studying abroad. Some of them are unable to adhere to their dreams because of the financial constraints. Here is some good news for the people who can’t afford to study in the most popular destinations like the US, UK, and Australia. … Read more

Job Trends That are Being Very Popular in 2024

Job Trends

The popularity of data in the market has widened the job opportunities regarding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analyst among others.  Since the last few years, the job market in the world has undergone major changes due to a rapid technological advancement, leading to heightened turbulence and uncertainty. Concepts like ‘hybrid working’ and ‘work … Read more

Camera Finder – Compare DSLR, Mirrorless, Point & Shoot Camera Features and Prices

Camera Finder

Are you looking to improve your photography skills by selecting the perfect camera? Camera finder tool can be the ultimate tool that can help you choose the best camera based on your preferences. This tool provides the features and the specifications of every camera to simplify the purchase.  You can filter features based on your … Read more

Whatsapp Introduces New Feature to Search old Messages by Date

Whatsapp New Feature

Whatsapp has now made the process of searching old messages more simple. Now you can find old messages on whatsapp by searching for a specific date, available on any platform be it phones or laptops. Searching for old messages on whatsapp has now become easier with Meta. With the latest update on whatsapp, users can … Read more

European Commission Launches Investigation into Microsoft Security Software Business Practices

European Commission Microsoft Launch

Nowadays, the European Union is investigating if Microsoft prevents customers from relying on other software for security reasons, according to a document that regulators sent to at least one rival in January, seen by Reuters. The problems that the European Union has investigated have been complained about by many companies over the years regarding Microsoft’s … Read more

CEO Sundar Pichai views on Gemini AI Woke Issue

CEO Sundar Pichai

In a response to the Gemini controversy about Google’s AI chatbot, CEO Sundar Pichai recognized the error and committed himself to faster response. The emphasis which was placed by Pichai on the offensiveness and bias of responses generated by Gemini revealed the company’s shortcoming in this respect. Furthermore, he informed employees that measures were being … Read more